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Daring to Rest Refund Policies


Daring to Rest Academy

Rested Membership

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled anytime. (note: if you cancel after you've been billed for that month then billing will stop the following month). Annual subscriptions cannot be cancelled for one year.

All subscriptions will renew (monthly or annually) unless you cancel.

All Online Daring to Rest Programs and Meditations Series

Daring to Rest does not offer refunds to our yoga nidra programs or yoga nidra meditation series. We try to be completely transparent in our marketing so you know what we are offering when you sign up. If you have doubts about what you are purchasing then before you sign up email us (hello@daringtorest.com). We believe if you immerse yourself in our programs and meditations you will feel you've begun to reclaim your power and over time feel a transformation.


Terms and Conditions

 By taking any Daring to Rest program you understand that:

  • Daring to Rest and yoga nidra meditation is not a medical practice and facilitators in all Daring to Rest programs are not medically trained. Although there are few known contra-indications to doing this work, it is strongly advised that anyone with concerns of a medical nature should consult their regular practitioner.  You understand and acknowledge that you are responsible for consulting your health care provider or doctor in case you have or suspect to be suffering from a health problem.
  • By participating in any Daring to Rest program or training you do it at your own risk. It is with this understanding that you voluntarily agree to accept complete responsibility for known and unknown risks.
  • All content (meditations, mp3, video, documents) is for private use only and there is no sharing of content without written permission. 

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